Banana Eating Caterpillars

We play this all the time with our students, and they absolutely eat it up…no pun intended. This game can be played just about anywhere, and requires clear plastic wrap, bananas, plates, and scissors (to cut the students out of the plastic wrap). We usually start by grouping students into small groups (groups of 3 or 4 are best, but we have used much larger groups too). One student is chosen to be the caterpillar and the others are given the responsibility of wrapping their caterpillars with clear plastic wrap (Make sure that they are wrapped tightly with the wrap going OVER the shoulders all the way to the ankles several times). One box of plastic wrap is given to each group and on the signal teams race to wrap their caterpillar shoulders to ankles with feet together. The caterpillars are then placed on their belly, crawl across the room and eat a banana. First team to wrap their caterpillar and eat their banana wins.
[Ed. Note: Make sure the participant is not standing unattended when he/she is being wrapped up. If they fall down, they can’t protect themselves. Do the legs last!]