Materials needed: 2 scarves that are different colors.

Have everyone sit in a circle on the floor. Pick someone and give them a scarf. This scarf is “Scarf A”. Scarf A always moves to the left. Go to the opposite side of the circle and give someone the other scarf (Scarf B). Scarf B always moves to the right. When the game begins, the person with A must put the scarf around his/her neck, tie 2 loose knots, untie them and pass it to the person on their left as quickly as possible. The person with B must put the scarf around his/her neck and tie 1 loose knot, untie it, and pass it to their right. This is repeated with each person in the circle. Eventually, the same person will have both ties at once. When this happens, that person must stand up and display a talent (dance, tell a joke, sing, etc.) Once they’re done, they tie the knots and play resumes. To make it less confusing one knot can be tied in each scarf, but they should still move in opposite directions.