If you have a gym, divide your group into two teams. The teams will be divided up into 8 lines. Each team will own every other line. A, B, A, B etc starting under the basket and moving forward. Have one person sit under each basket, choose another two-four players sitting at the free throw line, sit in a straight line and try to cover the entire court (sideline to sideline). Choose another 2-4 players to sit half way between the free throw line and center court, and another 3 to 5 players to sit on their side of center court. Team “A” will represent the person under the goal, and every other line. Team B will start at the free throw line. And go every other line to their shooter under the net. Do this for both sides.

The rules: The players can’t move. The ball has to navigate its way to the shooter. The ball can’t be thrown, it has to be rolled or bounced. The players can stretch for the ball, but cannot move off their backsides/hips. The team with the most points will win. If a player gets off their backsides/hip, they are removed from the game, like a penalty box, and the other team will then have a two minute advantage. The shooter is the only player allowed to move, but only when he or she has the ball. The shooter picks a spot to shoot and has 2 tries. Whether or not the basket is made, after the 2 tries the closest opponent gets the ball and the game continues.