Ranger, Bear, Dog

This is basically a team Paper/Scissors/Rock.
Ranger shoots bear (hold arms up like a rifle)
Bear eats the dog (Put his Claws up and growls)
Dog pees on ranger (lifts leg)

Divide the group into two teams. Have a line in the middle of the playing field. Each group gets together and decides what they are going to be. There has to be unity for it to work.
The two teams meet in the middle, and when the youth leader yells GO!, each team does the motions for their person or animal.
The dominant group (i.e. ranger over bear) chases the other team to their safe zone. Those that are tagged before getting to the safe zone join the tagging team.

Do it again until there are no opponents.

When the teams do their motion, everyone freezes while they figure out who is dominant. It’s hilarious.