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Stages of Life

This scavenger hunt is great for an evangelism event. Start at a central location to where your group will be allowed to roam. Have adults drive minivans or SUV’s (about six to seven youth per team). Give each team a bag of six verses of Scripture and a disposable camera. Each group is to have their picture taken at a place or event that matches the verse of Scripture having to do with a stage of life. For example, the six verses that we gave our teams were: 1) Ps 139:13-16 (Birth) Some had their picture taken at the maternity ward of the local hospital; 2) Prov. 22:6 (Childhood) A Daycare center; 3)Ps. 119:9 (Adolescence) Local High school; 4) 1 Cor. 13:11 (Adulthood) Place of business; 5) John 21:18 (Senior Adulthood) Retirement Center; 6) James 4:14 (Death) Graveyard.
Have everyone gather for a lesson on the difference in a life spent with Christ and one without Christ.

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