Foot Cricket

This is an excellent game for nearly all ages. 8+ but ideal for teens.

You will need:

1. A large playing area
2. One Soccerball
3. 4 marking cones
4. Cricket stumps (on a stand)

Set the stumps up and then place one marking cone a decent lenghth away. With the other three marking cones mark a straight diagonal line towards NW from the stumps. Increase the distance between cones as you go.

The bowler will roll the ball UNDERARM at the batsmen and the batsman can kick it in any direction. If they get caught or are bowled then they are out. The batsman will score 1 run for running around the first cone and returning to his/stumps. 2 for running round the 2nd cone and 3 runs for running round the third cone. The twist is that if the fielders return the ball to the bowler then they can bowl at any time. If the batsman isnt there then they may well be bowled. It is great to watch the ultra competative ones just get back to give the ball a slight tap 5-6 times in a row and then get bowled out simply because they are out of breath!!!