Cluster Busters

Ideal group size: at least 15

No supplies required!

WARNING: you should warn your teens beforehand that this is a VERY physical game.

Choose 3 of your strongest boys in the group to be Busters. Then instruct the rest of the group that they have 30 seconds (more with a large group) to form a cluster, holding onto each other as tightly as possible. Be sure to tell the cluster not to wrap around necks, or grab inappropriately to each other. If at any point in the game someone is separated from the cluster and has no one holding onto them or vice versa, they are out, and must sit and watch the rest of the game.

When the game begins, the Busters will start picking people to try to separate from the circle by pulling, prying, tickling, whatever it takes! (Give them rules to play safe, like no: hitting, jabbing, tackling, etc.)

Choose a time limit in accordance with your group size for the pullers to accomplish the task of pulling every person apart, so that in the end there is a winner, either the busters, or the cluster.

This is a very fun game, can be played several times consecutively, will exhaust teens, but is not for everyone, and must be managed with safety instructions and watchful supervisors. This game should be played on soft grass, but if you have the means, it is best in mud!