Hunger and Thirst for God

I use a “George Foreman” electric grill, a couple of small steaks, stuff for a salad, and pop. At the very beginning of the message I start cooking the steaks on the grill. Don’t say anything about it yet, just let the smell and sounds fill the room. Begin to talk about some characteristics of hunger and thirst. You can talk about how when your hungry you will do some crazy things. Have the kids tell you some things they have done. Then talk about how we need to have he same desires for the things of God. The same way your stomach is growling now, and your mouth waters, He wants us to yearn for Him. Psalms 63 gives a very good closure to this message. Then to end the message I’ll have whoever brought the most visitors, or whoever won the game, or let the Youth Pastor and wife eat the steaks.