You need to collect a lot of cardboard boxes (the bigger the better), big rubber balls, or something that won’t hurt when hit by it, and some duct tape. Split the youth into two groups. I like to scatter the cardboard over a big area and have the kids race to get as much as they can. When the teams have their cardboard they build and name battleships. (Ships do not have to have a bottom or a back on them)The ship does not have to be able to withstand a hit but it needs to stand up on its own. Each team picks a couple of people to be the shooters and the rest of the people man a ship. (2-5 people in a ship) The shooters will be blindfolded and pointed in the direction of the other teams ships but they don’t know where they are so they have to listen to their own teams instructions on where to throw. If a ship gets hit a person is out. Whoever destroys the other team’s battleships first wins.