M&M Relay

You need to buy a big bag of M&M’s, Skittles, any colored candy is good, but M&M’s work best with our youth group (the bigger your youth group, the more M&M’m you’ll need.

Divide up the M&M into their color category. Then divide them up to how many groups you’ll have. For example if you had 2 groups you’d have 20 reds for group one and 20 reds for group 2. Do this with all the colors, then put them back into the groups bowls.

Set the bowls at a set distance from the groups. OH, THIS IS A RELAY GAME! When you say go shout out a color, the first people in line have to run to the bowl and eat as much of that color before you say stop. Then shout out another color for the second people in line. Make sure you have a judge down at the bowls to make sure the kids are eating their color and not just grabbing hand fulls and eating them.

Our youth love this game, but make sure you have milk for them afterwards (or juice if you used skittles). Have fun :0)