Ultimate Glowing Sneakball

Items needed: 4 Touch lamps per team, balls that glow in the dark or have lights (any discount store), 1 water balloon launcher per team,

Set-up: Form students into three equal teams (do more as needed). Put four touch lamps around the team. We will need three team bases. At each team base there will be an adult that is enforcing the rules. The teams will be super far away from the other teams.

Object: Each team will have dodge balls and glow balls in their base. They need to get a glow ball into another teams inner circle (that is within the teams base). Once they do that team will have to kill one of its lights. The last team with a light on will be the winner. You can do whatever you want to get the glow ball in the team’s base, but if the other team hits you with a dodge ball you have to go to camp. Camp is our prison. You can only throw a dodge ball from within your own base.

3 adults – 1 for each base
1 adult for the Camp

1. How to get out of Camp
a. A ball is launched in and there is a prison break.
b. You catch a dodge ball thrown from a base or you catch a glow ball.
2. The Launcher Rule
a. If you launch a glow ball into the other teams inner circle the team must turn off all of its lights and it has been defeated. If you launch a glow ball in to the team’s base (anywhere) they must kill one light.
b. If you launch a glow ball into the Camp all prisoners are set free. And your team gets to turn on a light.