Trust Circle

Need at least 10 to 15 people for this game. One person is chosen to stand up in the middle of the circle. The rest of the people sit on the floor and slide close to the person standing so their legs are straight and their feet are pressed up against the standers ankles. The person standing must not be able to move his/her feet from side to side in any way, so the feet must be pressed up tightly. The person standing must cross their arms over their chest to prevent any injury. When ready, the person standing must announce “I trust you to catch me. Will you catch me?” And to that the group answers “We promise to catch you.” At this point the person standing falls in any direction and trusts that the people will catch him/her and that their feet will not move. The people sitting on the floor must be ready to catch. The fun comes when the rest of the group plays “hot-potato” with the stander and push him/her around the circle.
For safety, make sure that the person standing can in no way move their feet.