People Hunt At The Mall

We had some of our church members go to the mall ahead of time and station themselves in various places (some wore disguises). Each member was given a leaf cut out of construction paper (we did this in the fall but you could use turkeys for Thanksgiving time or snowflakes for winter).
We took the kids to the mall and divided them up into groups. They were told that they would see people at the mall that they knew and they were to approach them and say a little poem (we wrote something up for them to say). Now keep in mind that most teens know many people when they go to the mall so not everyone they knew and approached were the people involved. They were instructed to ask for a leaf (there was a leaf for each team). They would gather all the leaves they could in a certain amount of time and meet at the food court at the end of the time limit. The leaders were waiting at the designated time and place with refreshments from the food court. We counted leaves and met up with our “helpers”. The one with the most leaves won. It was a great time of fellowship and a wonderful way to get the church involved (not to mention the business the mall took in that night).