The Takeover

This activity is for the BOLD. “The Takeover” is a simulation skit. As we near the FINAL DAYS,on this earth, there’s the threat that one day the UN may decide to stop allowing worship all together! That’s what this simulation is all about! My Youth dressed in full camoflage carried weapons and we took the congregation hostage. We took the preacher hostage, threw the Bible on the ground, also we took all the musicians to a holding cell. Our Senior Youth came in as the leader of this takeover, and gave a speech containing the following statements:there’s to be no more worship of Jesus Christ, no more praises to GOD, the very mention of the name of Jesus will NOT BE TOLERATED! As the congregation tried to continuing to worship, when the name of JESUS was mentioned, sang, or any other form of worship took place, these were arrested and taken to a holding cell. Our holding cells were down in the basement, and after the entire congregation was put in prison, we had a real moving service. Our service contained praises, testimonies (mainly from the congregation), devotions; all based on our priviledes that we have and take for granted.
[Ed. Note: I think this will have to be greatly modified before use, but I think their intentions are in the right place – just be cautious how you use it, you never know who is in your meetings and congregations. I.E. war veterans, refugees, children, etc.]