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Amazing Race (Through the Bible)

This idea is taken from the show “The Amazing Race.”

I split the kids into teams of 2-4 depending on how big the group is, and give each team only one Bible one pen and one question sheet.

Each team must race through the Bible looking for answers to the Bible trivia question on the question sheet. After they have completed the sheet (correctly)they must then go to the “Detour.” A detour is a task that one team member must do to get the second set of questions. (Look for detour suggestions below).

After they have completed the detour the kids then get a second set of questions. After they have completed that set of questions (correctly) they must then go to the pit stop. The last team at the pit stop is eliminated and the other teams go on until there are two teams. The first one to the pit stop wins.

Detour suggestions: Eat 4 crackers and whistle, eat a piece of bread, get a piece of cheese from your forehead to your mouth w/out using your hands, drink a can of soda, tell a joke.

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