We got this idea off of egadideas.com , we just added a few things to it. What we did was went out and purchased about 24 pink flamingo yard ornaments. They run about $9-10 a pair & probably can be found at your local nursery. (We had to special order ours ) We typed up a letter 8.5×11/order form 1/2 sheet (order form should state who the form is from) & stapled them together.

This is what the letter said: You have just been Flamingo’d!!! If you would like to send these flamingos to someone else for a cost of 5$ please fill out the paper provided, leave the order form & the money in your door & our youth group will be by between 5-6pm tommorrow to pick up the flamingos & order form then deliver them to your unexpected friend. Won’t they be surprised to find a heard of pink flamingos in their yard!!! Our youth group will be donating 20% of all procedes to ______________ (Pick a local charity, we donated to our area Handivan service. Well over $400.00!!!)We put our phone number on the letter also in case they needed to give us special instruction for delivery or a later in the week delivery…

This will take a lot of organization & complete dedication from your youth group & some adults. We did this for a span of 2 months, 6 nights a week. We only have a youth group of 14 kids. You will be sick of flamingo’s if you decide to do it for 2 months , but we made over $2400.00!! At the end of the fundraiser we invited the president of the Handivan ministry to our church presented him with the check, took some pictures of him & the youth group put it in the local paper. We not only taught our kids to give out of the abundance they had received from this fundraiser, but it got our church noticed in the community. The people had so much fun with it. We had one lady pay 40$ to put 12 flamingo’s in a friends yard for her birthday!

Here is how it would work . The youth would deliver flamingos to someone in the church, place a letter with a order form stapled to the back in their screen door of the home they are delivering to. That person will fill out the order form to send to someone who does NOT attend the church stick the money & order form in an envelope put them back in the door to be picked up the next day. Be sure to put directions in the letter of how to put the money in an envelope,… in the door… Make checks payable to… The youth will go the next day pick up the flamingos & money/ filled out order forms. Staple the filled out order form to the front of an already prepared letter /(empty) order form. Put that in the door you are suppose to deliver to, place 2-3 flamingos in thier yard….so on & on so. (Kind of like a chainletter) We set up schedules where we had different groups delivering each night, so it is important to write down where you have left the flamingos the night before so the next nights group knows where to pick up at!!! Also we ended up a few nights with no orders to deliver flamingos to, so we kept a reserve of friends & family we could send flamingos to. We had so much fun doing this & the community went crazy over it! It was a hoot to see the look on people’s faces when they seen those hidious things all over town.