*** Can be done Outdoors as well!
To be played in the dark. Take apart a flashlight into its parts. i.e. battery, bulb, case etc.. Select one (2+ for larger groups) person (the Gargon) to hide each of the parts throughout an area (indoor or outdoor). Each part MUST be visible if the lights were turned on.
Send the group into the area to hide and search for the flashlight parts. After one minute, the Gargon is sent out repeatedly saying ‘Gargon!’. The goal of the group is to find each part of the flashlight, put it together, and shine it on the Gargon, ending the game. However, anyone the Gargon touches must sit down and is ‘caught.’ To be freed a person holding a part of the flashlight can touch the person who is ‘caught.’
Note: If a person holding a flashlight part is ‘caught’ the flashlight part cannot be transferred to a new person. Excellent game that can be played over and over.