Survival Night

Survival night featured an obstacle course based on Ephesians 6. We had bike helmets of salvation, cloth belts of truth, an adult ‘T’ top for breastplates, and cardboard bible ‘swords’. The kids put on the ‘armour’ and carried the ‘swords’ through ‘pitfalls of temptation’ (tires). Then they crawled under a tarp in ‘shadows of doubt’. They picked up cardboard ‘shields’ to run through the ‘crossfire’ (two adults with Nerf guns). After dropping the ‘shields’ it was through the ‘wall of worry’ (tires hanging from a swing set). Then across the ‘gall trap’ on a 2x6x10′ plank. They had to ‘swing to safety’ by jumping off a swing past sleds full of shaving cream. Of course we made them go back through all the obstacles to the start line. First time through it was a two-team relay race. Then I timed them individually and the two fastest won the Nerf guns.