Steal the…. Squirt Gun!!

This game is played like the original Steal the Bacon game, except with a fun twist.
First, divide your large group into two equal teams and have them line up with at least 15 feet of space between the two teams. Then, assign each player on one team a number and give a player on the opposite team the same number (just as you do in Steal the Bacon). Now, place the squirt gun exactly in the center of the space between the two teams… Many players will be terrified once they notice that the bacon will be replaced by a squirt gun. Once the game begins, you can call out a number. The two players with the number you have called will have to be blind-folded after their number has been called. Then, spin each player around 3 times and have them crawl on the floor in search of the squirt gun. While each player is in search of the gun, their teammates can help out by yelling out directions. However, they cannot cross their designated team line. The first player to find the squirt gun gets to take of his/her blindfold and soak the other player (who is cluelessly still in search of the gun). This game is hilarious and extremely FUN to watch!!