Hot Eggs

Well this game is easy but it takes a few steps of preparation. I came up with this game recently and my youth kids loved it! I’m sure yours will too.

1st. A week ahead of time let your youth know a book or chapter of a book in the bible to study, Come up with questions regarding the study and number each question. Example (“how many books does the bible have?”

2nd. Buy Easter eggs, the plastic kind u can put candy inside. Put the amount of candy you want to give the youth and number each egg. Each number on the egg corresponds to the number in your questions.

3rd. Make three papers… can be colorful construction paper…and name three teams taping them to the floor or table in a triangle shape… I used… (The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit)… and divide the groups…

Place all the eggs in a basket or in the middle of the triangle so that each person from a team and take one (one when it’s their turn…
Pick randomly who starts the round and play it like a hot potato game….

STOP…is said by you…all the time…when u do say stop….ask the number and the person that caught the egg will have to answer the question in order to keep the candy inside the egg. If the person answers it correctly, they switch places with another person in their team, so they can have a chance of getting candy also, if they answer it incorrectly U toss the egg back in the pile and start another round.

The object of the game is for each team to gather as much eggs and candies for themselves. You can give the winning team a special prize or special treat. If u don’t, it’s ok, because since everyone participated they all had a chance of getting candy, more than likely all the teams get candy and share them among themselves.

You can close by making a brief. Mine was something like this:

” You all notice the point of this game?….We have learned that if we have knowledge of the word of God, as individuals and as a Church we can gather great treasures, not just material treasures but treasures we will be able to take to heaven. Treasures that make our life a whole lot sweeter.”

This game was part of my activities on Stewardship of Treasure….from our weekly Bible Study Guide…
THE KIDS LOVED IT, it was fun and got a lot of laughs out of it — especially when they dropped the egg. It’s also good to play some music in the background, kids love that.