Ninja Master

The object of the game is to keep your team out of jail and to guess the other teams Ninja Master.

This game works for groups about 10 people or more. The group is split into two teams. Each team is given a designated meeting room and a jail. To start the game each team goes to their meeting space and designates one person on that team to be the “Ninja Master”. Only the people on that team should know who that is. After that is determined everyone from both teams are set free to go and try to tag out the other team.

If someone from team 1 tags someone from team 2, team 1 must escort them to jail. You may only escort one person at a time. If team 1 is escorting someone from team 2 to jail then the team 2 person must give one clue as to who their “Ninja Master” is. No one from either team may write down the clues they are given.

You remain in jail until your “Ninja Master” is tagged and put into jail. Then everyone may escape jail but if the “Ninja Master” leaves before you then you must remain in jail. *Note if everyone leaves immediately after the “Ninja Master” is caught it will become obvious who the “Ninja Master” is so it is better to wait for a moment or two before escaping.

After 8 minutes (you can adjust the time depending on the size of your group, etc.) everyone who is not in jail (those in jail must stay there) goes to their appropriate teams meeting room. Each team has 2 minutes (you can adjust this to your needs) to get to their meeting rooms to share the clues they have been given and determine who they think is the “Ninja Master”. After the 2 minutes are up each team meets in a predetermined space where they give their guess to a designated leader who is monitoring the game. The catch is in order for team 1 to guess then there has to be at least 2 members of team 2 in jail and vice versa.

The winner is the team that guesses correctly. If no one guesses correctly then you start a new round, with no one in jail. Each team can either keep the same “Ninja Master” or determine a new one.