Tugger War

This game is very simple, and can last up to half an hour. It works best with a large group.
It’s usually played guys against girls – you can do mixed teams but make sure it’s darks and whites or something distinguishable.
The guys are given a time limit – depending on how big your group is – to lock themselves up as tight as they can using only their bodies.
The girls are then ‘unleashed’ on the guys, and have to pull them apart. Once a guy is fully unattached, he’s not allowed to reattach himself. The girls are also given a time limit, and the guys and girls are awarded for each guy left attached or unattached, respectively. It’s a lot of fun, and gives a great sense of teamwork.
Suggestion: play on grass, hard floors can be painful for those guys who were too difficult to pry off and then dropped!