Airplane Ride

This is a great initiation activity. A chair, a blindfold, and two helpers are all that’s needed. We would ususally send all of the people to be initiated out of the room and bring them in one at a time. The victim sits on the chair. The two helpers stand on either side of the chair facing it. He or she is told that they are going to go for an airplane ride. Explain as you are blindfolding the victim that the helpers are going to fly the plane. The victims hands are placed one on top of each head of the helpers. The helpers lift the chair off of the floor and hold it about waist high. Their job is to “fly” the plane by moving it up and down, back and forth with pretty subdued smooth motions. The idea here is for the victim to be a little nervous, but not really feel endangered. There can be little bumps thrown in here and there as the helpers comment on how they are swerving to avoid hitting birds or trees. After a little bit of fun, make the comment that there appears to be a mountain coming up, and that they are going to have to reach a higher altitude. The helpers are now to keep the chair at the same height (waist-high) while slowly lowering their heads. They can make comments like “watch the ceiling, I can’t go much higher” as eventually the top of their heads are about even with the seat and they are crouched down beside the chair. The victim at this point feels like he are she is five or six feet in the air. Suddenly, of course, they hit turbulence, and the chair really starts moving around. The prank ends when the helpers tilt the chair forward and dump the victim off. The look on their face as they drop one foot while expecting five is priceless.

Note submitted by EGAD! User: Airplane can be fun but just follow a few simple proceedures. Have someone in front of the person so that they can catch then if they fall to far forward. Also, don’t use a chair with a back on it. The back on the chair pushes the individule forward. Better to use a 2×6 or 2×8 board. We had someone fall to far forward and got a concussion because we did not do these few simple things to prevent it…it does work though so enjoy…with out dropping a kid on their head.