Act It Out Tag – Variation

This is an idea that involves the game of “Act it Out Tag”. You could also divide kids into two groups. Each group sends a member up to the front to be in the scenario. The point is to be the group that keeps the scenario going the longest. When one of the group members thinks that his or her teammate is going to draw a blank on how to act out the scene any longer they say FREEZE and switch places.


The leader yells FREEZE and who ever is next in line for both groups (or alternating groups every other FREEZE) has to go replace his or her teammate. Each scene must last for at least X number of FREEZES(3-5) but can go longer. Could even have non-biased judges (leaders) to say which team did a more convincing job in the scene. FREEZE should be yelled pretty frequently to keep it going. Letting the kids choose the scene is pretty interesting!