Co-operation Sandwich

Tried this last week. All were willing to try it. Gels the youth. Very good to start,end or be breakfast at retreats!

Divide youth into groups of about 10. Provide each group with 2 slices of bread,lots of condiments and fillings plus other wacky, gross but edible stuff like anchovies, porridge, curry, fruits, cereal etc. (use your imagination!)

Tell youth they are supposed to put as many (edible) ingredients as they can between 2 slices of bread. The catch is that all group members have to take at least 1 bite (not just the crust!) That means everybody in the group has to agree to put something in that agrees with them!

I tried it out during a church camp where a buffet breakfast was already provided. The youth put everything that they could lay their hands on into the sandwich. Some were even decorated by poking cereal bits on top and used milk as gravy. I even had to stop one enthusiastic youth from adding a palm leaf he took from the restaurant.

Not as gross as it sounds. There will always be 1 or 2 that love the way it tastes and finish it off! The reactions you get are great photo/video opportunities!