Truth Or Lie – Banana Edition

We had fun with this as a “get to know you better” activity on a van trip. Materials needed are bananas for every passenger and pens that will write on unpeeled bananas (felt or plastic tips work best). Each passenger (note the driver HAS to do this in advance) writes his/her name and three things about him/herself no one else knows on an unpeeled banana. Two of the statements are true, one is false. Object is to make the statements obscure enough that it is hard to discern what is truth and what is lie. Bananas are collected and redistributed to different passengers. In turn, each holder of a banana reads the author’s name, the three statements, and then guesses which is the lie. Winner (author if lie is not guessed, reader if it is) gets to decide whether to eat the banana, or make the other person eat the banana. Bring a trash bags — don’t leave banana peels on the bus! This would probably work as a crowd-breaker in almost any setting. No one is at risk of having to eat more than two bananas, and everybody gets a dose of potassium!