Jell-O Bobbing

Make a couple of bowls of Jell-O and put wrapped candy in the bottom. Kids will go one by one dunking their heads into the Jell-O and trying to come up with some candy. This is really good for all ages but Junior Higher’s seem to love this more than the older kids.
*** Hint: For kids who may have a cold or other illness get them to go last if they really want to participate. Great picture taking opportunities!
*** Ed. Note: I have seen this done in a high school with a very watery Jell-O put into one of those tubs that grocery stores use when the bags are going outside to the cars. This was a lot of fun (and they dove for money in the Jell-O, but in a youth group, be prepared for kids to be a little wary of doing this. Also, some kids may not have a problem, but be prepared in case their parents aren’t too thrilled. Remember, there are all kinds out there. 🙂