Scott Nellis

Blend Of Questions

Find three volunteers who have strong stomachs–the type who claim they’ll do anything! Next, pick three ‘teammates’ for each of your three volunteers.

Tell them that, as a team, they will have to answer a series of questions. For each wrong answer, the ‘volunteer’ on their team will have to take a chug of a drink. (The teams are not allowed to look up any answers…they can only discuss an answer as a team for about a minute)

Next, using a blender, blend up the items listed below in front of all the students. Tell the students that this is the ‘drink’ that they’ll have to chug for each wrong answer.

The team that takes the least number of ‘chugs’ wins.

Food to blend up:
baby food
chocolate syrup
a can of Soda
frozen veggies

Questions to ask:
– Barack Obama is what number president? (A: 44th)

– What is the capital of the state of California? (A: Sacramento)

– In what European city can you find the Notre Dame cathedral, home of the fictitious Hunchback of Notre Dame? (A: Paris)

– What is the third book of the Bible? (A: Leviticus)

– How many feet are in a mile? (A: 5,280 ft.)

– Ask a question about your specific church
(Ex. What year was our church founded?)

Halloween Costumes Game

My wife Mary and I came up with a last minute game idea for our last lock-in, which was the weekend before Halloween. To go along with the season, we decided to have the youth “trick-or-treat” for us. They had to find costumes from whatever materials they could find in the church. The youth really seemed to enjoy it. Our “trick-or-treaters” dressed up as anything from a pizza delivery man to a little lamb and her shepherd. The costumes became really weird (but creative!) The youth were of course rewarded with a little bowl of candy 🙂