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Gingerbread Houses

My mom, before we had a youth leader, used to make gingerbread houses for the youth to decorate. She had made gingerbread dough and bought the cookie cutters for the house at a cake-decorating store. She had each of us cut out and bake the dough. Then she had our parents come help and assemble the houses (meringue powder works well for frosting). On a lent activity day for the church we got to decorate the houses with our own sense of style. After our church service that day we had a gentleman auction them off for use. We made 8 houses and made 106 dollars. It was lots of fun and brought out the creative style of each of us for the church to see.

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Mag Grab

In a big hall place cuttings out of magazines each side of the wall. For example you could have shoes, jackets, cd players, computers on each side. Split the youth group into two groups. The youth leader then calls out one of the items. The first person in each group has to run up get the picture of that item, touch the wall at the other end and come back with it. The first person to come back with the correct item scores a point for their team. The team with the most points at the end wins.

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