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Volley Ball with a twist

We started this in a small room but as our church grew, we’ve continued to play it in a larger room so it works in both. It can also work with large groups of kids as well as small. Line up chairs (only one chair high)in a row to use as a net. Have the chairs face alternating directions across the net. Play with a light weight beach ball and use volley ball rules except for each side can hit it as many times as they wish as long as it doesn’t hit the floor. You can play off of anything in the room except the floor. No spiking. If the ball lands on one of the chairs being used as the net, you hit it until it until it goes across on one side. As many or as few on a team. These rules seem to even the sides for the less athletic kids so everyone has a good time.

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Cassette Tape Games

Everybody has a bunch of old cassette tapes from when you would record services on tape rather than CD. We took some of the 90 minutes sized ones and had 3 games.

First, we split up into teams and raced to see who could empty theirs the fastest by pulling out all the tape. It must be in one piece to win.

Next, with all the tape lying in the floor, we challenged kids to use cassette tape to pull a truck. Each group had ideas that worked but one way is best. If you take all the tape from a 90 minute cassette, cut into 6 ft lengths, braid and twist together, you will be able to pull a truck on level ground. Wrap and twist 3 strands, then take 3 twisted strands and wrap and twist them. Then take all those twisted wrapped strands and twist and braid them together. Loop the rope over a ball hitch and pull. “Make sure someone is in the drivers seat to put on the brakes in case someone falls or to keep the truck from crashing!”

Third, take a long unbroken tape and have kids make art sculpture on the wall with scotch tape… like connect the dots or make a cityscape.

Last you can teach on a number of different biblical themes. I taught on being surprised in seeing God move in our life in unexpected ways, the same as we were to imagine a thin cassette tape pulling a truck.

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