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Come Into My Parlour

Best played in a dark church with lots of hiding places. Let 2 kids hide somewhere. They are the “spiders”. Elect one leader to act as “Parlour”. They wander around and wait in places with a bag of sweets. Rest of group are “flies” and have to wear one of those flimsy paper hats you get out of Christmas crackers.

“Flies” have to find “Parlour” and get rewarded with a sweet each time they find it. Spiders have to jump out on passing flies and tear off their hat. Flies caught have to return to base. If all flies caught, game ends. Other leaders can stop game if it goes on too long. Winner is fly with most sweets AND a hat.

Note: Spiders have to hide, but can change hiding place. They can’t run around like tag.
Be prepared for a lot of screaming.

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Derived from English game of Rounders: The English game of rounders is probably where baseball started. This quaint derivation is great for kids.
Two teams, one fielding, one batting. Independent bowler (under arm only). Mark out 3 bases (traffic cones are best). Last base is home. Batting team have to stand on an upturned crate – something that wobbles slightly so it is difficult to maintain balance. Three chances to hit ball. Don’t have to run if they hit it, but must on third ball, or if they fall off. Can stop at bases, but can be “out” if fielder touches base first with ball. One “puddock” scored for each home run. If batter is caught, they are out (not whole team). Continue until all batters are out or can’t make home.

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Listening for God

Pair off the group and get them to stand facing each other on opposite sides of a room. (The more “echoey” the better). Give those standing on just one side, a card with a well-known phrase or saying written on it. Make sure there is one short Bible Passage included. At your command, those with the card have to shout the message on it across the room to their partner who has to try and guess what they are saying. Stop after about a minute or so.
Sometimes it is very difficult to listen for God when there is so much else going on around us. Making time for God when things are quiet is better.

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