The Grog

Sequester the teens in a room and hide the five pieces of a flashlight (2 batteries, light, light cover, and case) around the church in plain sight. Then turn off all the lights.

Give each teen a slip of paper, and tell them to keep it a secret. Most will be blank, but one (or more, depending on the size of the group) will have THE GROG written on it. Those who are labelled “THE GROG” are IT.

The object of the game is for the non-Grog teens to work together and reassemble the flashlight, and then shine it in The Grog’s eyes, rendering The Grog OUT. When all Grogs are OUT, the game is over.

The catches: 1. No non-Grog is allowed to speak at any time. 2. If a Grog touches a non-Grog on the shoulder and whispers “I am The Grog”, the non-Grog must scream as loud as possible and fall down, dead. They can be revived if touched by another non-Grog, and they don’t have to relinquish any flashlight pieces they might have in their possession.

Teens never seem to tire of this game, and will request it every week! It can be adapted for the outdoors, and can also be used as a demonstration of some key truths, including the importance of staying close to The Light (illustrate this by starting the game in just one room, and then in each successive game expand the “playing field”; later, discuss how the game got harder the further people could stray from the light).