Box Turnover

For this game you will need two tables and two tablecloths that will overlap. Also several assorted cardboard boxes and objects to go in the boxes as well as a scary mask or wig. Select one person (boy works best) and send all others from the room. Place the boxes upside down with the object under them. Have your helper put on the mask or wig and put them under the table with their head between the two tables, arrange the tablecloth so that you can’t see the break in the table or the person under it. Place a box over your helper’s head as well. Bring in the players one at a time and tell them they are being timed. They need to turn over the boxes and put the object under them into the box. Get ready for screams when they come to the head. After they have completed this, they may watch the others. Girls are more frightened than guys, you can let the guys watch and just send the girls out. Also they should be somewhere where they can’t hear the screams.:)

Swivel Chair Relay

Divide your group into teams. You need one swivel chair per team and 3 obstacles such as orange cones per team. Blindfold the first person who will then push the chair around the obstacles without hitting them. The second person is sitting on the chair and is not blindfolded. They need to direct the person with “”Right, left or straight…etc.”” The person on the chair may NOT put their feet on the floor at any time. Can be adapted for outside. Use wheelbarrows and straw bales. Hilarious and fun for everyone. A great spectator game!