Time Management

First you must bring into the class session a jar, rocks,{nice size)some sand or very small rocks, and a glass of water. First put the rocks in the jar, so the rocks are all the way to the top. Then ask the class if the jar is full. You will get some body to say yes. But then tell them no because you can still fit the the sand or small rocks into the jar. Ask again if the jar is full. Someone should say yes, but then start pouring the water into the jar. The whole message out of this is to teach on the big things that matter in life like God, Church, Family, Pastors. If you first put the sand in and then the water, the rocks would not be able to fit in the jar. Just like if use all your time playing games, going out, partying,(little things) your schedule will be so packed, that you don’t have time for the important things in life.

P.S. Don’t let the class see the rocks, sand, or water.