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Mash The Mush

This is a messy fun game with an ultimate surprise at the end! First you mix up a big pot of green mush. Ingredient: 3 boxes of vanilla instant pudding — 3 big jars of apple sauce — and green food color. You get a friend that knows how to keep a secret and video tape one of you mixing up the mush (Make it fun). After you are done mixing it. Get a close up shot of the large bowl or pot being placed on the ground. Then get a close up shot of your partners (clean feet). After at least 8 seconds of taping the feet still, step into the pot of mush and swoosh around. (The person in the pot need not identified, but if it was the Youth Pastor, and you slowly panned up to his smiling face…. this would be great! Rewind your tape and set up a TV ready to go for youth group.
The game is presented to the youth without telling them about or showing them the video. You get your volunteers from the group… as many as 12. Pair them off, and give one of them a bowl of your green mush and blind fold the other. The object of the game is for the blind folded person to shovel the green mush into the mouth of the other person and for them to eat it the fastest. By the way. This green stuff tastes GREAT. So you will get a lot of your students eating it up. In fact encourage it. When all is done and every one is cleaned up, sit them down in front of the TV and show your video. You can guess the reaction you will get from the kids when they see your Youth Pastor jumping in the green mush they just ate. If you are not as cruel to teenagers as I am…(being involved with youth for over 5 years) you can make a separate batch of green mush to give the kids. But you need to take that secret to your grave.

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Tower Of Flour

This is a game for smaller youth groups. Take a 12 oz cup and put a penny on the bottom, then pack it tight with flour. Place a piece of paper on top of the full cup of flour and flip it upside down on a table. Carefully remove the cup with out disturbing the flour. What you should have is a tower of flour with a penny on top. You give each person a butter knife. (because anything sharper could cause problems). The object of the game is to take turns cutting away at the flour without disturbing the penny. The person that causes the penny to fall has to pick up the penny with their lips. Then you start all over.

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