Hug the Potholder – Variation

Make a circle with your group and place a toy POT in one of the kid’s laps… (don’t let any one see you do that). Then place a POT HOLDER in the middle of the group. Ask people to hug anyone in the circle and then Try to hug the pot holder with out the use of their arms. No matter how they hug the pot holder in the middle they will only pass if they have hugged the person with the pot in their lap.

This confuses the group as Joe Bloggs hugged a person (who was holding the pot) and hugged the pot holder and PASSED yet John Smith hugged it the same way but he didnt pass (cos he didnt hug the correct person).

Its funny and confusing and you have to stress to each person when they figure it out to not hint the catch to anyone… but they can gladfully help u saying if the others did it correct or not.