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Lose Your Marbles

– First go to a toy store and buy a sack of marbles and a fish bowl. The amount of marbles depends entirly on the size of your youth group.
– Next, contact a glass company and ask them to build you a large plexi-glass box (this step can be disregarded if you don’t have the funds to get a box built.)
– Next prepare a sermon focusing on ‘things’ in the youth’s lives that are not sin outright, but are things keeping them from Jesus. These ‘things’ can be anything… I focused on secular music, video games, attitudes, rebellion, etc.

At the end of the sermon, I passed out one marble to every person, put on worship music, and had everybody examine their lives. I instructed them that that marble represents something or someone in their lives that in comming between them and the Lord. After a serious prayer time, I passed around the fishbowl and instructed them to drop their sin in the bowl and leave it there. One by one the sound of the glass marble hitting the glass bowl went through the silent room.

Next, I instructed them to bring all their junk from home and put it into the “Junk Box.” I am pleased to report that the box is filling with secular music, N-Sync posters, and handwritten notes confessing attitudes. The end result has been overwhelming and the Lord has begun a mighty revival in our youth. Parents are coming into the youth to get their kids, who are worshiping (go figure), because they don’t want to leave God’s presense. That’s it… God bless

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