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Pit with a Twist

If you have ever played the card game ‘Pit’, this is basically the same thing. I used those small, single portion, cereal boxes. One per student. Remove one side of the box and cut them up into pieces, scramble them, and then give each player an equal amount of pieces. You can either have them pass one piece at a time to their right, or trade for pieces. The object of the game is to be the first person to put together a box of cereal.

It’s a mixture of puzzle making and Pit. It’s really fun!

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Jenga Dare

Take a normal Jenga game. On one side of each piece, write a dare. e.g. drink five sips of black coffee; sing “I’m a little tea pot” with the hand motions; tie both shoes together and run thirty feet; with your eyes closed, draw a house with a picket fence; etc. Build the tower with the dares facing downward. As they chose a piece, they can either perform the dare for ten points, or dare someone else. If the challenged performs the dare, they get ten points. If they cannot perform it, or refuse, the challenger receives five points. If you are the one to topple the tower, then you lose fifty points.

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