This is a popular game amongst me and my friends, and is a great icebreaker game for getting to know one another.

Everyone sits in a circle and the mike is passed around so everyone can say their name out loud. (If everyone already knows each other this isn’t neccessary.) Then, someone is chosen to be “it”. “It” is given a newpaper roll and is allowed to choose any person sitting in the circle to ‘whack’. They run to that person and hit them with the newspaper (not on the head!) and the person who is about to be hit must call out the name of someone else in the circle or become “it”. “It” then runs to the person whose name was called and try to whack them before they call out someone else’s name, and so on, until someone else becomes “it”, or until a youth leader takes pity on the kid who has to run around and chooses a new person to be “it”. Play for as long as you want, and consider forfeiting anyone who becomes “it” more than three times.

Note: Players are not allowed to call out the name of the person who just called them, or the names of the people sitting to the right and left of them.

Have fun!