Non-Material Scavenger Hunt

This is great for camp-outs especially. We have done this when camping in State or National parks, where you’re not allowed to pick up and keep so much as a leaf or a rock. Give kids an introduction to use, telling people what church they’re from and what activity they’re on (confirmation trip, retreat, etc.) and have kids politely ask for a few minutes of their fellow camper’s time. Our list of stuff included the following: Find a camper who will sing one verse of their favorite hymn. Find a camper who brought a pet other than a dog. Find a camper who will teach one of your group members how to waltz. Find a camper who can recite John 3:16 from memory. Find a camper who has camped in at least 10 different states. Find a camper who has camped in another country. Find a camper who has never used a pit toilet (outhouse). Find a camper who has fallen in to a pit toilet (!) Find a camper who lives more than 500 miles away. Find a camper for whom this is their first ever camping trip. Find a camper who will eat two soda crackers and then whistle “Yankee Doodle Dandy”.
These are just a few ideas. Divide your kids into groups of 5 or 6 (if a large group) or they can go as individuals or in pairs (small group). Each group gets an identical list and a time limit (we’ve found 45 minutes to one hour is great). Be creative! Make up your own stuff! And yes, we did once find a camper who, while using a portapotty located on the back of a flatbed truck, have the whole thing tip over while he was in it, disgorging its contents all over him. While that wasn’t technically falling in, the effect was the same, and we ruled that it counted. Yuck! Happy Camping, and God’s blessings!