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Rope, Gator, Fish

Played like paper, rock, scissors and man, gun, gorilla. The rope ties the gator’s mouth shut, the gator eats the fish, and the fish can’t be caught by the rope. Pair people off into groups of two and have them stand back to back. On command have them turn and do one of three motions:
1) Hold their arms above their head in a circle style with hands connecting at the top of the circle.
2)Do the gator “chomp.” One hand straight up and one hand down low. Bring them together for the clapping “chomp” noise.
3)Put your hands on your cheeks and turn them back and forth while making a fish face with your lips.
Play in small or big groups until one winner is left. It added variety to my youth group and was a big hit!

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Water Balloon Broom Relay

Fill up full size balloons with water. They can easily be a foot in length and get pretty heavy. Divide into as many teams as you want. The game is a relay. With a broom you have to push the water balloon across part of the parking lot and turn around and push back. It the balloon pops you must start over. It’s hilarious when some people go slow and others try to shoot it like a hockey puck and it explodes on them.

Alternative – Use small balloons for quicker games, younger kids, and less water.

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