Don’t Be Deceived

Getting teens to bring their Bibles to church is tough, especially now that we have PowerPoint. My wife and I still believe that it is very important to bring your bible to church because scripture can get twisted and have things added to and taken away. So one Wednesday night for my message I took to phrases that aren’t in the Bible and added them to portions of scripture:

The phrase “cleanliness is next to godliness” is not found in the Bible anywhere. I took this phrase and added it to the 2nd portion of a verse in Proverbs that sounded like it could have gone with the above phrase. I did that for my first to points

I opened my final point by telling them I wanted to show them how to keep from being deceived. I told them that I could have just put in the Bible that God says in Proverbs to pay off your youth pastor’s school loans because none of them had their Bibles. I then explained how important it is to see for themselves what the Bible says. I used scripture in the New Testament that talks about false prophets and teachers.

It seemed to be very effective for a while but some of the students have once again stopped brining their bibles. Though a few that were not are still bringing them, that makes it worth it!