Infected fruit

This is a great idea to illustrate sin and how it affects our lives.

Using a syringe with a needle, draw up some food colouring. Inject fruit (apple, orange, pear etc) with the food colouring. The colouring WILL seep out a little, but can be easily washed away. Be very careful and work slowly.

When you get to the lesson, cut open the fruit and reveal what’s inside.

You can also use an egg. Scratch away a small piece VERY slowly until you have a little hole through which to inject the colouring. Cover the hole with a tiny piece of sellotape (I think you call it scotch tape).

Break open the egg in front of the teens.

This can be used to illustrate how sin gets into our lives and though we may look good on the outside, inside we are all disgusting and poisoned.

Wear protective clothing as it can be VERY messy!re all disgusting and poisoned.