This is a great game to play in the dark – they beg us to play it almost every week. You need 2 flashlights, prayer books and all the doors in your church unlocked and the lights turned off. Appoint 2 ‘Centurions’ and give them each a flashlight. Everyone else is a ‘Christian’ and must carry a prayer book. Assign a service, like complain. The object of the game for the Centurions is to capture all the Christians. They do this by shining a light on them, but each one can only capture 2 at a time. They must escort the Christians to the jail (which can be any room they choose and can be moved at the Centurions’ discretion). The Centurions cannot guard the jail too closely. For the Christians, the object of the game is for at least x number of them (usually 1 or 2 more than half the total number of Christians) to read the service aloud from beginning to end. If any are captured and you have to find more Christians to complete the service, you have to start from the beginning of the service. A free Christian may free jailed Christians by touching one (but only one at a time).