Student / Senior Symposium

This idea is a great communication tool for parent/student or senior/student discussions. Our youth and seniors still talk about it.

All you require is two larger cubes which serve as dice [two 4″ pieces of 4×4 will do, but foam blocks are preferable], sticky notes, and pens.

Once everybody was seated in a circle, we asked each senior to write one question on a sticky note which they would like to ask a young person and the youth one question they would like to ask a senior. The seniors then placed six of their sticky notes on their cube/ die [one on each side] and the youth did the same. Then they switched cubes.

Each person, young and old, then took a turn “rolling the die” — the youth rolling the senior die and the senior rolling the youth die. Whichever question came out on top of the roll, the person responded to. You can leave it at the person’s response and move on to the next person, or you can take a moment to open that question to the group for deeper discussion.

The questions ranged from the topic of sex and sexuality to dealing with peer pressure; for both adults and youth. The response to this event was both surprising and rewarding. It fostered a geniune appreciation between these two age groups and the seniors have become our youths’ greatest supporters.