Props: 2 dice, 1 pen, paper for everyone
Good for any size group

This game gets very intense! Everyone sits in a circle with their paper in front of them.
One person gets a pen, and the person on their right has the dice. The object of the game is simple. The first person to write the numbers from 1-100 on their paper wins. (Have a cool prize ready for the winner shown ahead of time)
On the word “Go!” they begin – 1..2..3..4.. and so on. The person on their right is rolling the dice at the same time. If they roll doubles of any number, they snatch the pen and start writing. The person on their right grabs the dice and starts rolling. You’d be amazed – the game gets very intense! When someone gets to 100 they shout out and the game stops. A judge checks their paper carefully.
If they missed a number, they must start at the number they missed, they lose their turn, and the game continues. When there are a few players stuck around 80-90 it gets crazy!