Starting Point Study Bible

The “Starting Point Study Bible” is published by Zondervan. I like it so much because it is a good Bible for students who are new to the Christian faith. “Starting Point” has bold words every so often that the students (even adults/youth workers) can refer to in the back glossary concerning what that word means. Also in the back it has a section called ‘Glossary of Christian Jargon’ which tries to help define and clarify Christian Jargon in a general way.

The glossaries are great for students new to the faith and even for students that have been Christians but are still learning (aka everyone). I just graduated from an undergrad university with a Ministry/Theology major and I love “Starting Point” because it helps me to remember things that I sometimes think everyone already knows. “Starting Point” helps the Bible become real. It is a GNT translation (Good News Translation) but it is still a really good Bible.