Extreme Glow Stick Tag

Our youth group invented this game and it has proven to be a huge hit for out outreach games. Guys will enjoy it far more than the girls.

Find a large field. Lots of mud is best. We’ve also played in a slightly wooded field.

Have 5 youth each hold a glow stick of different color. Make sure you play at night when its really dark. Rainy nights are good.

The 5 youth stand at one end of the field and attempt to run to the other end of the field without being tagged… (we played grabbed… and if need be taken to the ground). Once tagged the runner surrenders and gives the glowstick to the person that caught them. That person than goes to the other end of the field and attempts the run again.

The runners that make it the end are rewarded with a CD, or something cool.

Be aware.. you will be exhausted after playing… and really, really muddy.

I’d love to here how it works out for you.