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Pillow Game

We play this game in our church, but you can play it outside.
What you Need: 1 Stool and 1 Pillow.

Put the pillow on the of the stool. Have your group link hands. The point of the game is to get people to knock the pillow off the stool. Whoever knocks the pillow off the stool is out. If someone lets go of the persons hand they are holding they are both out. This is our favorite game growing up in youth group, but can get pretty rough. ENJOY. Let me know if you have questions on this game.

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Buck Buck

Buck Buck is best played outside. You need two teams of 3or4 each. It is best if you dont let boys and girls play this together, Use your own discretion.

Team one starts out chosing one person from there group to be first, this person Stands away from the other team and bends over so the upper body is parrallel to the the next person stands right behind them also bent over just like the first, the second persons head should be about to the first person’s stomach. Then the 3rd person lines up the same way behind the second and so on. Then the other team stands about 10 or 15 feet away from the bent over group. One person on that team yells BUCK BUCK (to warn the bent over team they are coming. They then run at the bent over group and jump on so that they are spread over as many of the bent over group as possible. Then the next person in the second team does the same team, eventually team two will be stacked up on top of team one.

THE POINT. To make the bent over team fall.

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