One In Christ

I Corinthians 12:12-31 stresses how we are all different, yet all part of one body. Bring a Mr. Potato Head to class and go through the body parts one by one asking, “Who want to be the shoe? etc.” Then take everybody to a large area, have them sit in a circle. Give each person a piece of yarn to tie to their left wrist (you may want to show them an easy knot to use) and then tie their right wrist up with the piece of string from the person to their right. Now you have a huge circle. Then say, “Alright, let’s go back into the classroom,” but don’t let them disconnect. When you finally get inside, have the group reconstruct the Mr. Potato Head. Each person that had a body part has to somehow come to the front of the class and connect his piece (all the while dragging everybody else along with him.) Then teach your lesson and don’t let them untie until class is over. This is a lot of fun. And if you can do it right, some teens may end up getting tied to someone they don’t really know to well. So this makes a great way for teens to meet and work together.